V K Universal Property Management Co(SPC)

Despite the fact that V.K. Universal property Management Co. (S.P.C) was established in 2004, the proprietor was involved in real estate development for the last 20 years having successfully developed, managed, marketed and sold over 200 commercial & residential buildings across the Kingdom of Bahrain with property values in excess of BHD 100 million. Furthermore we also focus on short term trading in Properties as well as leasehold improvements, refurbishments and renovations of properties belonging to third parties via long term lease.

As part of the government of Bahrain plans to diversify its sources of income, liberalized its economy and encourage the Private sector to participate in the growth of the national economy and encouraging the foreign Investment as a direct remedies to reduce the unemployment rates.  During 2004 the king of Bahrain Sh. Hamad bin Isa AL-Khalifa approved a royal decree allowing Businessmen from round the world to own and manage commercial activities including the property Management, we therefore incorporated V.K.Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C) during 2004, wherein we have routed all our assets to this commercial entity  V.K. Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C) which continue to focus on three main activities as follows.

  • Development of Real Estate wherein we purchase an old property/ empty lands and construct high-rise buildings.
  • Short term trading in lands, wherein  the  margin is thin  but have high liquidity turn over
  • Management of leasehold improvements wherein we invest in refurbishments and renovations of properties belonging to third parties with a view to generate regular rental income via long term lease.

V.K.Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C) displays an innovative and intuitive edge when it comes to understanding the needs and desires of today’s property buyer. Through a combination of integrity, professionalism, discipline, teamwork, and practical research,  we emerged as one of the nation's leading Real estate developer. Today V.K. Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C)  possesses a vision that allows us to identify solid real estate ventures and continuously transform them into amazing and lucrative landmark high-rises commercial and residences, we continues to pave the way in condo conversions and new construction developments

V.K.Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C) is passionate about providing the highest caliber of quality, style, comfort, convenience and value. Through principles such as integrity and honesty, the firm strives to produce exceptional commercial and residential complexes and offer an overall homeownership experience that is pleasant, seamless and informed. V.K. Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C) prides itself on its ability to offer its valued clientele a comprehensive and cohesive pool of resources which facilitate each aspect of real estate development. Buyers receive a level of genuine interest, support and thoroughness that is unparalleled in the real estate industry today. V.K. Universal Property Management Co. (S.P.C) has built a solid reputation through its unique and streamlined full service approach, ensuring complete satisfaction to each and every customer.

Our philosophy is driven by our strength. We employ knowledgeable, talented people who deliver superior results throughout our organization. We strive in all areas of our company to:

  • Focus on our customers—whether an owner, investor or a resident, we anticipate their needs and ensure a positive experience with V.K. Universal and exceed their expectations.
  • Value our employees—we develop and share their knowledge, embrace their diversity and encourage their growth.
  • Act with integrity—we honor our commitments and build long-term relationships that are based on trust and honesty.
  • Seize the future—we welcome change to stay ahead in our fast-paced industry.

V.K. Universal Property management Co. (S.P.C.) has always striven to provide a high quality product in the form of leasehold properties readily leasable, professional, and friendly service. Because of its solid goals and methods, the company has enjoyed many years of growing economic success, community support, increasing employee and client longevity, and an unlimited potential for future possibility.   Concurrently, treating employees and patrons with dignity and respect at all times is the catalyst for establishing and fostering mutually rewarding, long-term relationships for which our company has earned widespread esteem.
V.K. Universal property Management co. (S.P.C) has  created  very sophisticated procedures, steps, and processes involved in successfully developing a vacant residential and commercial real estate package with a view to minimize the market risks associated with this line of business, which are outlined as follows.

  • Create the development idea
  • Control the vacant site or undeveloped land
  • Complete a preliminary market feasibility study
  • Have the preliminary plans and specifications drawn
  • Cause the final market feasibility study to be completed
  • Complete the engineering final plans and specifications
  • Estimate the final total costs, direct and indirect
  • Complete a Cash Flow analysis
  • Analyze various risks associated with the proposed development
  • Begin actual construction
  • Marketing and Selling